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Graniflex™ Flakes/Quartz

Experience the top quality, high-strength concrete resurfacing. This type of concrete coating can look similar to epoxy but it outshines epoxy in several ways. It is durable, UV resistant, and flexible enough to resist cracking. If you want the best of the best, choose Graniflex.

Flake Epoxy

Transform your floors with vibrant, multi-hued aesthetics. Flake Epoxy combines colored flakes within an epoxy base, offering durability, slip resistance, and easy maintenance. Perfect for high-traffic areas and spaces requiring a clean, seamless finish.

Customized Epoxy Flooring

Tailor your flooring to perfection. Our customized epoxy flooring services allow you to choose colors, patterns, and finishes that match your unique style and design preferences. We consider customized flooring installations on a case by case basis.



We bring master level experience to every project.

Our Experience

Mastery in Epoxy Flooring and Concrete Coatings

At Epoxy Coat Masters, we bring a wealth of experience to every project. Our training and experience in epoxy flooring and floor coating solutions ensures the highest standards of craftsmanship. Whether it’s a residential transformation or a commercial endeavor, our experience is your assurance of quality and durability.

From the initial consultation to the final day when your project is complete, we are there to serve you. It is our goal to leave you with a finished product that you love and an experience you want to share with everyone.

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Why Epoxy Coat Masters Stands Out

Unparalleled Expertise

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and mastery in epoxy flooring and concrete coatings. Our team’s expertise ensures every project is executed with precision and excellence.

Customer is Priority

At the end of the day, we are committed to providing you with a quality product and an overall wonderful experience. We take the time to listen to you so we provide you with what you want.

Commitment to Quality

Epoxy Coat Masters is synonymous with quality. From the materials we use to the application process, our commitment to delivering top-notch results is unwavering.

About Epoxy Coat Master

Crafting Enduring Floors, Building Lasting Impressions

Epoxy Coat Masters is more than a flooring company; we are artisans dedicated to transforming spaces. Our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and training set us apart. We take pride in crafting floors that not only meet but exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on every home and business we serve.

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Epoxy Flake

Our core service, providing durable and visually appealing epoxy floor coatings for both residential and commercial spaces.

Both options outlined here can provide a beautiful and durable finish to your concrete. Quartz Epoxy or Graniflex, is the most durable and long-lasting option. We’re proud to offer products that our clients can enjoy for years to come.

Quartz Epoxy

Experience the pinnacle of decorative concrete resurfacing with our Quartz Epoxy, also known as Graniflex™.



Why People are Choosing Us

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
All work was done in a professional and timely manner. Tim is a perfectionist and always treats the job as if he were doing his own house. I have used others in the past, but will never use anyone else but Epoxy Coat Masters.
Roy Stark
Roy Stark
Epoxy Coat Masters did my garage floor with a beautiful stone and epoxy coating. Very professional and made my garage look fantastic.
Ron Kellenbenz
Ron Kellenbenz
Tim is a true pro.The picture says it all.Fabulous workmanship.
Sherif Sharawi
Sherif Sharawi
Epoxy Coat Masters applied epoxy coatings to both of our garages as well as the walkway portion of the sea wall. We were very pleased with Tim's detail work which provided a very consistent surface. Should we have a need to coat a surface, we would not consider anyone else!
Susan Myers
Susan Myers
Tim is truly a master at his craft. His ideas and attention to detail assure you will be pleased with the completed projects
Bob Fuller
Bob Fuller
They were great to work with dinner very professional job, and the product ended up fantastic
Valorie Hedrick
Valorie Hedrick
Tim Rounds has done 2 garage floors for us, plus 2 for my mother. He also did my sister’s garage. He is professional and has great attention to detail. He is also very responsive and punctual. We are very happy with the work Tim did. Highly recommend!
Nathan Grounds
Nathan Grounds
These guys are the best! Tim is a true professional with years of experience, an eye for detail, and great customer service! Highly recommend.
Matthew Pope
Matthew Pope
Highly recommend for concrete floor coatings. I trust these guys to get the job done with quality results. Garage floors, residential homes and commercial buildings.

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Have questions about our services? Explore our FAQs for insights into the epoxy flooring process. If your curiosity persists, feel free to reach out, and let’s build the perfect flooring solution together.

Epoxy flooring is a seamless blend of durability and aesthetics. It resists wear, tear, and stains, offering a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain solution.

Our meticulous process involves surface preparation, precise epoxy application, and attention to detail, ensuring a flawless finish that stands up to the test of time.

Absolutely. From colors to patterns, we offer a range of customizable options to suit your unique style and design preferences.

Our commitment to excellence, decades of experience, and a passion for crafting enduring spaces distinguish us. We listen to your vision and turn it into reality.